July 14, 2007

0 miles

My first words here ... after the title, that is! Italic font, green colour - I like green. When I have a choice for the font colour, I mostly write in green. Its like saying I speak Orange (for Hutch), or Pink or Red, now, for that matter. I write Green. I like the look of it.

I am blogging. Something I never did before. Why? Coz I feel a strange urge to write. Not express, but write. I don't know how that's different, but it is for me. My writings aren't my expressions; I don't express in public. Neither am I writing for the heck of having my own blog. Just writing. Am gonna write till the moment I feel like continuing; I'll stop thereafter. Its like my Orkut account - I can't figure out what made me create one ages after most of my friend's had theirs, I decided I'll stay put for sometime n then leave. I still haven't left.

When I was in the process of thinking of topics to write on for my first blog, I thought of many: The experience of putting on weight ( my own experience), being with yourself when you're alone ( I overheard that one in the cab on my way back home ) and I'm not mentioning the others ... lemme keep some with myself. Essentially, I am not writing on any of those in this blog. That would come later.

Nothing more to put down for now. I made a beginning ... the first step's taken. I shall come here for a walk every now and then. Hope to find company.