August 22, 2009

Lose, but don't lose the lesson

More often than we would like it, life tests us. Our patience, courage, bravado, perseverance, faith, belief, confidence, grip. The test spares nothing. Bares all. Wants us to revisit our lives. Re-prioritize our priorities. Make amends. Fill the lacunae. Shed old convictions to make way for new. Shake our thought-processes to discard the ones that are passe, for those that are fresh. Like the spring days. Like the feel of gushing water. Like the sound and aroma of boiling tea.

It ain't cakewalk, yes. But who ever said life's a bed of roses? Go through the test. Head-on. Recognize the worst that can happen and be prepared for it. Run, if you're otherwise used to strolling. Fly, if you otherwise run. Move out of your comfort zone. Seek new heights, explore new depths.  You're already prepared for the worst so you've got nothing to lose. All that you stand a chance of losing is your fear. Eat away furiously at anything that dares to belittle you!

Among the Earth's 6.779 billion human inhabitants as on August 20, 2009, you haven't got a clone. Think about that one!! You're unique, and so is your life. Give your existence the reverence and admiration it deserves. Temper your days and nights with a li'l challenge here, a slight thrill there. A tinge of risk, a pinch of humor. Gather every ounce of strength  you can muster and go do that ONE thing you've always wanted to do. Do what it takes to make you happy. This is a day that won't come back. Live all you want, today.

Yes, you  might lose. So what? Learn the lesson. And, if you feel you had already learnt the lesson... well, life just wanted you to revise it.


April 12, 2009

When illness becomes a luxury you can't afford

No. This isn't my first experience with illness as a luxury ... nevertheless, I'm amazed at how it ACTUALLY is a luxury! Being the VOC {(Voice of the Class) - a term coined by my classmates to replace the conventional CR - class representative}; I agree that the college management expects me to be present in class 9 on 10 days! And me being me, I diligently oblige them.

HowEVER, there are days when I'm GENUINELY unwell, and would like to be home, just laze around and take a breather. These are 'coincidentally' the days when the Dean decides to pay us a 'surprise' visit to check on attendance. And, courtesy my stars, on that day the attendance is at an all-time low of just 6 people outta 22! The obvious question pops, "Whrz the CR?" "Sir, she's absent." "WHAT? The CR herself is absent???"

Then follows a personal phone call from the Dean's cellphone to my cellphone (right in front of my classmates) ... tempered with questions, demands, commands, and "I want you in college as soon as possible with a justification for today's low attendance and your absence!" Obviously, none of what I said on phone has mattered to him, all he wants is me in college right away. "Yes Sir, I'll be there in 20 mins."

No, it ain't rocket science to handle the responsibilities of a VOC of an MBA class, nevertheless... a VOC is an individual first who is as vulnerable to the common flu or mild headache as anyone else, and very much deserves the 25% absence period that is alloted by the University guidelines in the 75% compulsory attendance mandate! Give us a break, let us put our feet up n chill out sometime.

I don't know if its my lack of intelligence or that my brain weighs 11-12% lesser than a male brain, BUT, and this is a big but... BUT, I simply do not have an answer to the question, "Why is the rest of your class absent?"

Amazing! I started writing this post on the day this incident happened.. April 12... and today is May 14! Looking back, its funny :) Therefore, no hard feelings! Sab maaf, itni choti life mein kitna waqt naraaz rahoon? I've moved on and realized that THIS is what makes my life here so much more interesting :) 

I admire Kailash Kher. In "Allah ke Bande," he says,

'Kal ko apne saath mein le le
Dard bhi tere kaam aayega..'

Point noted Sirji :)