February 22, 2010

Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi.

Got to know him almost "accidentally" on Facebook...Got talking unexpectedly, met disinterestedly, kept meeting indifferently. He walks fast and might cross a busy road without taking you along. Will talk at a rate of 180 words per minute but not when he's trying to explain something to you...he transforms into an earnest teacher then. Is a 'shayar' at heart :) and is very critical of films he doesn't like. Travels across time zones for his work, but is grounded to his roots and has his heart in the right place. Has an intensely analytical mind and an acute business sensibility. He's a taskmaster as a professional, and highly sensitive and protective as an individual. Sings random songs from sidey films and sings them wrong and refuses to accept that they're wrong and argues tooth and nail that what he's singing is right!! He's very forgiving towards those and that which matters to him and the rest of the world can't touch him one bit!

He's amazingly patient with most things and people around him. An academic genius, learning and teaching come second nature to the man. Though simple and minimalistic at his core, he has a very fine sense of style and class. What I find most admirable about him is the calm disposition inherent in his soul. He has a very peaceful temperament and that has the quality of making you comfortable letting your defences down. He commands a fan following of his own and is aware of where he stands and what he's doing.

His is a world that has a place for you if you matter to him, irrespective of how many things and people there are already. He's as genuine as a man can possibly be. The man is a true gem, the kind of person who makes you feel lucky to have him in your life, in any position. I've met him accidentally and for all I know... there were zero, almost negative chances of ever getting to know him! He'll touch your life and bring cheer every single time you meet him. If you know him, cherish it :~)

Krishna. The name's Krishna.